A message from our Superintendent Minister

Rev. Stephen Maunder

Thank you for visiting our Circuit Website, I hope that you have found it to be a helpful introduction to the life of our churches in this part of London.

August and September are times of change within the Methodist Church.   Ministers who are moving will do so in August, and they are then welcomed into their new churches at the start of the church year in September, having hopefully settled into new surroundings.   

The movement of people in more dramatic circumstances is such a strong theme within our world at present, as individuals and families in large numbers are moving to escape danger, and start new lives. For Christians as well as those of other faiths, we are reminded that wherever we go, God is there already. Therefore as we move into a new town, or a new house, or even into a new situation which may be worrying for us, we can be assured that God’s blessing is already there.   


Wherever you are, and in whatever circumstances you find yourself, we pray that you might know God’s presence with you to bring you peace.

I offer this prayer, and if you wish to use it, I trust that you will find it helpful:

Almighty God, whose glory is beyond our knowing,
whose creation stretches into the furthest inches of space,
we offer you thanks and praise that you care even for us.
Help us to know your grace and your presence
in our hearts and souls and lives,
that in all our thinking and doing,
we may rest in the assurance of your love
shown in Christ Jesus.


Stephen Maunder
Superintendent Minister