A message from our Superintendent Minister

Rev. Stephen Maunder

Thank you for visiting our Circuit Website either for the first time, or as a returning visitor.

For us in Northern Europe, this time of year is accompanied by dark mornings and evenings as we wait for the days to lengthen. We delight in the candles and  twinkling lights which are a feature of this season, and which brighten the darkness.

Too often darkness seems to be the prevalent force around us, and yet I believe that the human spirit is essentially one of hope and optimism. It is this spirit which has inspired women and men throughout the centuries to look for better ways of living -  not only for themselves, but also for others.   
In the narrative of Jesus' birth, we discover one born in humble surroundings, and we recall that his way of living was not based on the force of might, but upon the illuminating conviction of love.    
When the darkness of this season, or the world, or our own private experiences, seems to be too much to bear, may we recall that God’s light continues to present amongst us through those who seek good, and supremely through the coming of Jesus.

I offer this prayer as one which you might wish to use at this time:

Almighty God, in this season of darkness, 
help us to glimpse the light of your love
made known in Christ.
Bring peace to hearts that are in turmoil,
hope to those in despair,
and joy into lives of sadness.
This prayer we offer
through the name of Jesus Christ, 
the one born at Bethlehem,
your Son, and our Saviour.   Amen.


Stephen Maunder
Superintendent Minister