Wesley Hall Methodist Church

Wesley Hall Methodist ChurchWesley Hall Methodist Church
Minister: Rev. Denise Yeadon
Church Address: Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London SE26 5HF
Church Profile:

Wesley Hall Methodist Church, Sydenham is set on Sydenham Road, the main road through Sydenham and is in a diverse area.

The building was completed in 1906 to replace the Tin Tabernacle that had been built in the 1880’s to move from the small rented room that the congregation had moved to after the start of Methodism in Lower Sydenham, which was around a tree stump – used as the pulpit!

Originally the services were held upstairs in the galleried hall, complete with pipe organ, while activities and Sunday School met in the downstairs hall and rooms.

The chapel has been downstairs for many years now and the upstairs hall is used for activities. These include The Girls, Brigade, The Boys Brigade and Theatre Club.

The premises have access and facilities for the disabled.

Our Junior Church meet weekly and our Family Service/Church Parade is held every second Sunday monthly, when our young people are often asked to participate.

We have recently introduced Café Worship on some of these All Age Worship Sundays, which has been successful. Our worship is enhanced through the use of power point projection, although we still have traditional hymn books and Bibles available.

Our premises are let to Eagles Nest church for their worship on Sunday afternoons

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to proclaim the word of God through Public Worship, Communion, Christian Education and Fellowship.

Achieved through preaching, prayer, music, drama and the provision of a Christian environment.

Helped by the active work of JuniorChurch, Sunday Fellowship Club, Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Youth Club and other Fellowship Groups.

In order that we can seek to bring people of all ages to know the love of Jesus and the blessings of a Christian life.

Church Services:
Sunday    11am - Morning Service
Weekly Programme:
Sunday        11am Junior Church (5-11years)
  11am Sunday Fellowship (11-18 years)
Monday 7.30-9.30pm Theatre Club
Wednesday      6.30-7.45pm        Boys Brigade - Anchors (6-8 years)
                        - Juniors (8-11 years)
  7.45-10pm                     - Company Section ( 11-18 years)    
 Friday  6-7.45pm  Girls Brigade - Explorers (5-8 years)
                         - Juniors (8-11 years)
   7.45-10pm                      - Seniors (11-14 years)
                         - Brigadiers (14-18 years)


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